The Civil Society Prevails


28 trainees from various civil society organizations participated in a training workshop organized by the Syrian Civil Society Coalition in Lebanon, which included two main axes: non-violence, peace building and the principles of civil society – projects’ development and management. The workshop lasted six days from 16 to 21October, 2017.

At the beginning of the first day, the Prime Minister's Advisor on Peace welcomed the participants and opened the workshop by talking about nonviolence and peace building. Then introduced concepts of peace and conflict’s stages to participants and defined the role of civil society in every stage. The second day was opened by the introduction of the way of developing projects and conducting studies of all related details.

The third day, the participants weredivided into working groups to implement the “positive inquiry”, i.e. the challenges, risks and weaknesses that the project can face. The fourth day included updating and explaining the theory of change and logical framework in terms of content and how to follow the SMART tool to develop the logical framework then theories were applied to projects chosen by the groups.

The last two days summarize the way of looking for partners to benefit from their experiences, the way the mental map, budget, strengths and donors work. In addition to emphasizing the importance of transferring training in Syria.

The suffering of civil society organizations, especially those working in Syria, is a problem related to skills due to the juvenility there, in addition to the lack of competencies in development and project management, which led the Syrian Civil Coalition to organize this workshop as a push towards more certain steps in this domain.

At a later stage, this training was transferred to Syria through the coalition partners in several regions and trained more than twenty teams and initiatives to develop and manage projects.

The training was funded by the European Union and in partnership with the Non-Violent Peace Force.