One date for art lovers


“When I miss Syria and want to stay away from everything, I know that my destination is Sunday Reading at Tammas’ office,”says one of the attendees of screenings organized by Berjis team at Tammas’ office in Beirut every Sunday or Wednesday.

A cultural and interactive space provided by the Coalition and invested by Berjis team in presenting carefully selected films that explores in depths different countries and cultures and involve them in constructive dialogues where which different views are exchanged in a transparent manner that helps advance dialogue and accept others.

These events began on July 7, 2017 and are still held. Number of visitors is usually about 20 people from various areas and the spectrum of Syrian society in Lebanon. Young people participated at many of these meetings, Lebanese and foreigners working in the field of humanitarian and civil society. A film, selected of a monthly set, is projected, then people discuss the direction, production, awards and nominations and the analyze main characters, in addition to the pleasure caused by visuals and soundtracks.

The projections include a selection of films around the world, which draws cultural lines that gather participants. Differences disappear, Syrian citizens continue to glorify art each from their perspective and in their way. These meetings provide a new hope for building a strong and cohesive civil society capable of accepting and working with each other in all stages.