who are we?

Our vision

Syria is a democratic pluralistic civil state of citizens enjoying social justice under the rule of law that civil society’s organizations play a key role in building.

Our message

The development of a Syrian civil society capable of advancing the demands and needs of the society related to economic, social, cultural and political development and promoting a social, civilized, humane and globally integrated social space.

About us

The Syrian Civil Coalition: an alliance of independent non-governmental and non-profit Syrian civil organizations and initiatives. Through interacting with the Syrian society, the Coalition aimsat providing visions that achieve the Syrian public interest and the rights and will of the Syrians, and seeking to pressure the decision-makers to achieve the principle of justice and civil peace and to contribute to building and empowering the Syrian civil society and protecting its work space.


The Coalition embraces the international charters, treaties and conventions related to promoting the concept of human rights and equal citizenship and the rule of law and the provisions of Syrian legislation consistent with it as a binding basic reference in its action.

The Coalition’s values

First: Civil institutions values

  1. Freedom
  2. Accepting others
  3. Working for the public interest: this value is reflected in the short and long term objectives of any civil work initiative. Public interest means the good of all citizens or all citizens who freely assemble in a civil institution. This means the civil society should reject all forms of physical or moral violence towards any other civil community, group of people or individuals.
  4. Peace
  5. Justice
  6. Promoting citizenship and Syrian identity
  7. Uniting the civil Syrian action overcoming the geographical and identity conflict lines.

Second: regulatory values

A – Values governing institutions internal work mechanisms:

  1. Transparency
  2. Good governance

B – Values governing inter-institutions work:

  1. Solidarity
  2. Participation
  3. Responsibility: bearing the consequences of the institution’s actions and compliance with the regulations and penalties imposed by the nationally agreed upon associations’ law.

Our objectives

  1. Seeking to contribute to the building of a democratic constitution based on the principle of the sovereignty of the people, separation of powers and maintenance of full equality.
  2. Providing visions emanating from the interaction with the Syrian reality, which is based on knowledge and which achieves the Syrian public interest and the rights and will of the Syrians.
  3. To pressure decision and policy makers to influence the development of Syria's crucial policies and decisions based on visions of engagement and adherence to international legitimacy when formulating any proposal or resolution on the Syrian issue.
  4. Implementing good governance standards in administrative systems
  5. Developing the capacities of civil society organizations and strengthening local, regional and international networking and cooperation between different civil society organizations.
  6. Supporting integrated development process in all its sectors, including economic, social, cultural and political aspects based on “Millennium goals” and work towards achieving justice in the distribution of its outputs.
  7. Activating the role of Syrian civil society in planning and implementingprograms for sustainable peace, national reconciliation, civil peace, development and reconstruction.
  8. Having a proactive role in reading the problems and challenges facing the Syrian civil society and raising awareness about them and advancing recommendations to confront them.
  9. Rely on the means of pressure and advocacy to achieve the objectives through partnership with the rest of the civilian actors in Syria and around it, and the organization of international relations and diplomacy within a clear mechanism for the benefit of the campaigns of pressure and advocacy.
  10. As an observer the Coalition insists on its independence from the political parties. This doesn’t mean that it has no political opinion, but that the stage requires developing clear political positions without aligning with a particular political body even if it shares same political opinions. Civil society must be clear and explicit in naming the parties that commit violations against civilians. The reference to all parties together doesn’t mean they are all alike. The difference remains in the extent of violating the rights of the Syrians, namely the right to life.