Requirements for the affiliation to the Coalition

Organizations fully affiliated with the Coalition:

  1. All signatory organizations of the Coalition’s foundation convention
  2. All affiliated organizations after the foundation convention

Following documents should be independently attached to the affiliation demand

  1. The organization’s internal regulations. (In case of lack of internal regulations the organization can commit to the Coalition’s regulation as legal reference.)
  2. The work project for which the organization was established, and the civil sectors covered by it. (specialization-geography.)
  3. The names of three members of the organization’s administrative board
  4. The person responsible of the liaison with the Coalition

Affiliation is approved according to the following standards

  1. The preservation of Syria’s unity for all Syrians.
  2. Compliance with the International Human Law and human rights charter.
  3. Membership requirements not enclosing any discriminatory clause that violates the right to equal citizenship.
  4. Adopting non-discrimination between Syrian citizens on the basis of nationalities, religions and sects and developing the values of acquaintance and openness.
  5. Rejection of violence and non-practice or support to any military action.
  6. Acceptance of the Coalition’s regulations.
  7. The organization’s documents should contain its visions, objectives and regulations.
  8. The organization’s representative with Tamas shouldn’t have any ministerial post in any government.
  9. The affiliation application should be submitted to the Chairman of the Affiliation Committee in writing or by email to decide on the application within a period not exceeding one month from the date of its submission. The decision is submitted to the Chairman of the administrative board for approval. A month without a decision on the applicant's application is considered as acceptance.

In the case of rejection, the affiliation committee sends an answer to both the administrative body and the supervisory and transparency committee, and the organization whose application is rejected has the right to appeal to the supervisory and transparency committee within one month from the date of notifying them.